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Call for Pilots

 Executive Summary

The University of Vlora mission focuses on contemporary teaching, innovative research and services to the third partners. Completing the third mission that Universities have is the key aim of the services that we are planning to offer through the Vlora University Hub as well as through the pilot projects that we are proposing. Till now, the services to the third partners are very limited. Most of the times, these partners have no knowledge of the possible services that can receive from the University. Through the first project (the University of Vlora services catalogue) we aim to disseminate all possible services that public/private institutions, small and medium entrepreneurships (SME) and other partners can receive from the University. These services can be offered in a very qualitative way as well as in a much lower price that can be offered from other private initiatives. The second project will focus on the development of an online application that offers guide and services for tourists in Vlora City. City of Vlora has a huge tourism potential. The number of tourists has been increasing annually. In addition to natural beauties and the beach they want to visit the cultural and historical sites of the city. There are web sites that provide information on the location of cultural and historical sites of the city, but there is no guide oriented on how tourists can access these sites from the current location. The purpose of the project is to create an application that will guide tourists to access as easily as possible the tourist and historical points through mobile devices. It is a mutual interest of tourists as well as accommodation units, restaurants, bars in the city (promote their services and increase revenue) to use this application. The application will initially be free for city businesses and after the first year, it will provide us with profits from city service providers for the promotion of their business to tourists. Another value that the application brings is the promotion of the university at national and international level. The number of tourists that like to travel by ship in Vlora bay has been increasing recently. This number has also dictated the number of tourist boats operating at short distances in the bay of Vlora, generally one day trips to the Karaburun peninsula and Sazan Island. The purpose of this mini project is 3D modeling on a reduced scale of these boats that will attract visitors and moreover those visitors who will have experienced a voyage on these boats.

For this purpose, it is intended to be offered to the tourist ship owners and their management Agencies and the last ones will offer them to the potential buyers. This ship model will also be attractive for the Port of Vlora and the Shipyard in Pashaliman and also for the Municipality of Vlora. It will also be very attractive for students of engineering, computer science and marketing-tourism at UV.

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