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The 7-th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Knowledge & Human Resources Management for a Sustainable Development

This is  the call of the  7-th ICTEA  Call, the INTERNATIONAL
MULTIDISCIPLINARY CONFERENCE 2018. We would like to invite you to participate in this event that will be held in the University of  Calabria, Italy,  29 June – 1 July 2018.
1.    University of Calabria, Italy
2.    Universitas Sancti Cyrilli, Malta
3.    University of Vlora, Albania
4.    University Pavaresia Vlore, Albania
5.    Byzantine Research Foundation, Malta
6.    University of Gjirokastra, Albania
7.    University of Elbasan, Albania
8.    University of Korca, Albania
9.    University Wisdom, Albania
10.    University Atlantica, Portugal
11.    University of Prizren, Kosovo
12.    University of Durres, Albania
Conference events
The event includes:
keynote speakers,
special sessions  on health informatics, tourism sciences, teaching and
education on the focus of researchers
high-quality research paper presentations in appropriate sessions,
poster presentations,
workshop of  other thematics ( for projects and new  academic
initiatives and partnership)
cultural activities ( Albero bello village and  Calabria cultural
Important dates
Abstract submission( extended deadline): 31 of May 2018
Notification of acceptance: early submission,  25 May 2018
Notification of acceptance: latter  submission,  4 of June 2018
Registration and Payment Deadline: 8 of June May 2018
Conference: 29 June – 1 July 201
Full Paper submission for ICTEA Journal 2018: 15 July 2018
Submission and Registration
The paper submission process is organized in two steps:
1.      Abstract submission
2.      Full Paper submission after the conference.
In order to submit and register  your  abstract, please visit
You can fill a submission form or direct send your proposal at
Fee of the conference
250 Euros  with attendance
110 Euros  no attendance
140 Euros  no presentation
Conference materials
Conference proceeding  hard copy with international ISBN
Conference proceeding  electronic  copy with international ISBN
Certificate of attendance
program of the conference
Dosier and other facilities
ICTEA International Conference seeks to provide some answers and explore the processes, actions, challenges and outcomes of economy, law, ICT  applications, learning, teaching and human development. Our goal is to offer a worldwide connection between science and people from a wide range of academic fields, interested in exploring and giving their contribution in several issues. We wish to ilustrate developments and new ways of thinking in these main fields.
•    Education
•    Information and Communication Technology
•    Economics and Tourism
•    Knowledge society and  human development
•    Justice and Social studies
Specific conference area
This is the call of ICTEA 2018, the International conference on  Knowledge & Human Resoures Management for a Sustainable Development   that invites you to submit scientific research works to promote growth  in new methods intimately related to several areas of economy and  society in order to support new challenges of global development and
changes. We provide you with particular topics to explore various themes with the respective, but not limited to, sub-topics:
Area 1: Economics
•    Innovation and development
•    Managment and marketing
•    Finance and Financial Systems
•    Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development
•    Tourism Growth and regional Development
•    Applied Statistics
•    Public management
•    Foreign Direct Investment
•    Agricultural Economics
•    Environmental Economics
•    Change & Innovation Management
Area 2. Information and Communication Technology
•    New Models in Software Engineering
•    Software Testing
•    Health informatics and data analysis
•    Modelling and Simulation
•    Service-oriented Computing and Cloud Computing
•    Educational Informatics
•    Information Security
•    Information & Knowledge Management
•    Artificial Intelligence
•    Multi-Agent Systems
•    Robotics
•    Semantic Web Technologies
•    Social Media Networks
•    Wireless Access Networks Mobile Networks
•    Health Informatics
•    Geographical Information Systems
Area 3. Knowledge society and human development
•    Educational Psychology
•    Health Psychology
•    Industrial/Organizational Psychology
•    Emotional Intelligence & Well Being
•    Motivation, Attention & Human performance
•    Cognitive Neuroscience
•    Cyber Psychology and Social Networks
•    Sociology
•    Modern Sociological Theory
•    Gender Studies
•    Urban Sociology
•    Sociology and Architecture
•    Inequality and Social Exclusion
•    Religiosity, Ethnicity and Identity
•    Social Policy
Area 4. Social studies
•    Europeanisation
•    Crime (Deviance) and Criminal Justice
•    Politics and International Relations
•    Political Thought: Ideas and Ideologies
•    The Politics of Globalization and media role
•    Defence and Diplomacy . Crisis Management effects
•    Public Health and Social Care Policy
•    The Politics of Post-Communism and Transition
•    Parties, Elections and Electoral Systems
•    EU Policy and Integration
•    Migration related issues
•    Public Administration
•    Strategic Studies
•    Environment and Regional Development
•    E-Democracy and new models of participation
•    Smart governance including smart cities
•    Legal impact of innovative social services
•    Benefit management and performance of technology-supported public
sector activities
•    Exchanging experiences on social studies
Area 5. Education
•    Special Educational Needs
•    Health Education & Promotion
•    Online education
•    Intercultural Communication
•    Ethno-linguistics
•    Albanology  studies
•    Language Teaching and Testing
•    Early child hood education
•    Cross-disciplinary areas of ICT Education
•    Pedagogy in the evolving environment
•    Languages related to education
•    Education policy and leadership
•    Strategies and tools for teaching and learning
•    Performances of technology
•    Technology in Learning
•    Lifelong Learning
ISTA, University of Cosenza, Italy
RDC University of Vlora, Albania
ERC University College Pavaresia, Albania
BRF Byzantine Research Foundation, Malta
Universitas Sancti Cyrilii, Malta
International Journal with international  ISSN  offered by organizers