IUS Invite students to the 2nd Balkan Studies Center Summer School on Critical Thinking

IUS is proud to invite your students to the 2nd Balkan Studies Center Summer School on Critical Thinking. Using an interdisciplinary approach in understanding the politics, foreign relations, history, culture, and society of the Balkans, the Summer School aims to explore the democratization process, reconciliation, regional cooperation and integration as inevitable alternatives to nationalism, extremism, radicalism, divisiveness and hostility.
Both participants and lecturers will have an opportunity to explore the issues and topics of common regional interest, whereby their active learning and teaching engagement will eventually lead to the creation of a common ground and an initial platform for the cooperation.
Young participants, lecturers, researchers and civil society activists will gain knowledge and skills of how to encounter constructively present-day “balkanization” of the Balkans that is a serious threat to peace, order, stability, prosperity and security. The Summer School involves lectures, roundtable discussions, dynamic case studies, workshops, and practical exercises.
To learn more, please visit https://bsc.ius.edu.ba/content/2020-ssct-exploring-balkans-geopolitics-regional-cooperation-and-integration.
Mr Preljevic is the responsible person at the Balkan Studies Center if you have any questions or comments.