The Faculty of Economy, accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science, offers Bachelor and Master programs in Finance, Business Administration and Tourism Management to a group of talented and affirmed students.

The Faculty of Economy offers our students the opportunity to study and work with dedicated academic staff and an academic curriculum that is prepared to fulfill the needs of global business, always in c continuous change. In our classrooms throughout your studies, you will feel your work energy and you will have full commitment  by the academic staff. The Faculty of Economy offers you an extraordinary value for building a profitable career.

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Department of Finance

This Department gather a group of talented students and pedagogues working in areas that are important and coherent on research field that today are made on risk management, asset price, corporate governance and strategies, on the financial lives of businesses, and so on.

These areas of interest have a common connection to the notion of risk. The risk affects all aspects of economic and financial activities and is central to financial theory.

We try to develop the knowledge in this field and supply our students with a rich and extensive study program that will prepare them for a successful professional career.

Graduates of the Finance Department may be employed as financial analysts, personal finance advisors, accountants, tax advisors, approved accounts, accounting experts, budget analysts, brokers, valuers, asset managers, advisors / analysts, executives construction, as well as in other positions such as in the market valuable letters and financial services.

Students can find many job opportunities in areas such as: Commercial Banks, Financial Companies, Financial Planning, Insurance, Investment Banks, Fund Management, etc.


Department of Business

It aims to provide excellent academic training to prepare future professionals who will contribute to the regional and national development of the country. Through cooperation with other units of our University, various organizations, other universities in and out of the country we claim to offer knowledge, academic behavior and skills by contributing to the preparation of professionals in the business field. We provide our students with:

  • Quality in teaching by using contemporary methods;
  • High professional qualification;
  • Creating opportunities for our students for employment and to continue a Master’s degree after completing the 3-year cycle;
  • Development of scientific research activities;
  • Accurate participation and presentation in national and international activities;
  • Quality department presentation: Published Articles, Published Books, conferences on which they took part.

The Business Department prepares senior specialists for each sector of the economy. Students have gained the necessary knowledge in all disciplines related to the management, organization and management of financial, operational and human resources.


Department of Economics

The interest in economics as a branch is increasing because it is useful for the way of thinking that teaches students and the special knowledge that it imparts. The economic way of thinking is analytical, clear, concise and rigorous.

People who study economics are capable of solving problems because they learn to identify problems, determine alternative solutions, determine what data is important and objectively calculate the costs and benefits of making decisions.

In addition to acquiring a useful way of thinking, the branch of economics studies a variety of topics that have important implications for managerial decisions. Economists study how business decisions and personal decisions are taken under insecure and incomplete information, and provide information of the problem, including short-term and long-term planning.

An intense program both in theoretical and applied aspects of economics enables students to use their knowledge to understand economic behavior and provides a basis for assessing economic policy. Students gain knowledge on economic institutions as well as an understanding of how a complex economic system works. These skills can be applied to the fulfillment of job responsibilities in a variety of sectors and groups of professions.

Economists have opportunities to be employed in banks and other financial institutions, consulting firms, national and international organizations, or government agencies at all levels, as well as at universities.


Diplomas offered by this faculty;

Department of Business:

BSc in Business Administration

BSc in Tourism Management

BSc in Marketing

MP in Public Administration

MP Entrepreneurship in Tourism

MP in Marketing

MSc in Business Administration


Department of Finance;

BSc in Finance

BSc in Accounting

MP in Finance

MP in Accounting

MSc in Finance

MSc in Real Estate


Department of Economics:

BSc in Economics

MP Economics in Entrepreneurship

MSc in Economics