Call for external expert in the development of info day

Call for external expert in the development of info day in the framework of deliverable D2.2.4 for the Business clubs project

Candidates who have the appropriate competencies in organizing information days are invited to apply for these activities as follows.

Organization and preparation of infoday for the project Business | Clubs

Study and analysis of regional situation regarding the needs of young people and lan = bour market

Presentation of successful case studies in at least two field of business category

Ensuring the visibility and the promotion of activity

Ensuring the participation of at least 30 young people,

Organization of the online platform

Publication in social media of the event.

Request for candidate
1. have good knowledge about the expertise on the certified European economy
2. to have a title in the above field
3. have communication and organizational skills
4. to have good knowledge and experience in the field of promotion and mass media technologies.
5. to have training experience in the fields of European economy and legality.

candidates to forward the application to the project contact point


UV communication office