Meeting of the Faculty of Public Health on the occasion of the International Diabetes Day

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Meeting of the Faculty of Public Health on the occasion of the International Diabetes Day.  In the framework of the International Diabetes Day, November 14, 2017, the Public Health Study Center in cooperation with the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Public Health, UV organized a promotional activity on: “Community, Third Age and Diabetes – Our Right to a Healthy Future” with coordinator Glodiana Sinanaj and working group: Fatjona Kamberi, Brunilda Subashi, Denada Selfo and Rozeta Luçi.Diabetes is a chronic disease, due to which the body can not produce enough, and to efficiently use insulin, the hormone that controls and maintains normal blood glucose levels. Diabetes disease has high social, health and economic costs. If not treated, diabetes may cause complications such as blindness or cardio-vascular disease.The purpose of the activity was to raise awareness and information about the age of diabetes, early screening, in order to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes and those at risk.Place of activity: Daily Multidisciplinary Center for the Elderly, Vlora.The elderly offered you information about diabetes mellitus and free blood glucose and arterial pressure measurements. These measurements were carried out by students of the Faculty of Public Health.The activity showed that almost all elderly people, participants had high levels of glucose in the blood, while referring to not having or receiving diabetes.The necessity of increasing quality for early screening but also the importance of good diabetes management is a prerequisite for avoiding diabetic-related complications at the age of three.