Dear Students!

Thank you for choosing to join us at the University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”. We are much honored and looking forward to welcoming and meeting you. This guide is prepared to give you some practical and useful information about the University of Vlora and daily life in the city of Vlora, to make your stay here pleasant, satisfying and most enjoyable. Coming to Vlora, Albania, living and conducting your exchange studies can be an exciting experience. Vlora is a place which must be visited and remembered. It has a very interesting cultural enrichment with plenty of natural and original places to explore and many friendly people to meet; so make the most of your time here, get involved, form friendships, try new things, learn about another culture and enjoy your Albanian experience.

Please don’t forget that we are always at your service to help and to facilitate you through this process and your participation in our intense academic and cultural life. We hope you will enjoy and value your time with us and quickly make yourself at home here.

Wish you happiness and success!

Prof. Roland ZISI,


University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”