Scientific Research Sector

Scientific Research Sector



Specialist: Gentiana BELULAJ

Specialist: Jonida MICI

Mission: To assist the Vice Rector for Scientific Research in the accomplishment of the tasks held by his position.

Tasks: (description of job position of specialists of this office):

  • Perform cooperation between the University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”, the National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation (NSSRI) and the National Funding Agency (NFA) for research funds.
  • Provide and administer relevant information from this agency and distribute it to the base and main units.
  • Identify in the base units the priorities of scientific research, technology and innovation, their potential and achievements in this area and on the basis of this data prepare documents at institutional level.
  • Consult and assist in coordination with base units and main units of this area by tracking the needs and meeting the demands of deans and heads of departments.
  • Assist departments in projects in the areas mentioned and help for applications at NSSRI. Follows the progress of scientific research projects at NSSRI and notify the basic units for deficiency identified by this authority.
  • Collect and administer information about the activities and products of the Research Centers of the faculties and the Vocational Training Centers.
  • Provide appropriate assistance and assistance to departments in the field of basic and applied research.
  • They are responsible for the progress of existing study programs and the launch of new third study cycle programs.
  • Assist and support the work of the faculties that have the opportunity to open the third cycle study programs (PhD) and report to the respective Vice Rector.
  • Prepare the relationship with funding requirements for doctoral studies at RSSRI based on the requirements of departments and faculties.
  • Prepare the data for the annual research report at the institutional level and present them to the highest instances.
  • Administer the scientific research database for all academic staff on the basis of information gathered from the Academic Career Sector, departments and constituent units of the Institution.
  • Others.