Scientific Research Center (SRC)


Scientific research is a catalyst for economic growth and progressive growth. It determines economic growth, creation of new job position and the development of a country. Scientific research is the main pillar where higher education is based and is the basis for balancing the theoretical knowledge with the practical ones. The development of Scientific Research and teaching is one of the main requirements for the implementation of the Bologna system at universities which aim to be part of the European Higher Education Area.

The University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”  consists of four (4) Research Centers:

Composition: 1 responsible (academic staff) + 2 specialists (academic staff) + 1 academic staff with administrative, technical secondary level.

  • Scientific Research Center of the Faculty of Economy

Composition: 1 responsible (academic staff) + 1 specialist (academic staff) + 1 administrative staff with technical skills.

Composition: 1 responsible (academic staff) +6 academic staff + administrative staff.

  • Scientific Research Center of Albanology and Balkans

Composition: 1 responsible (academic staff) + 1 administrative staff