Faculty of Public Health

This faculty has two nursing laboratories in its premises, a basic nursing laboratory and a laboratory of normal anatomy. Both of these laboratories are completed with a set of basic equipment for practicing Basic Nursing Procedures and to facilitate the acquisition of basic anatomical knowledge. Teaching practice is another experience that is attended during the three academic years. During this time nursing students apply the scientific principles of nursing as well as adopt the nursing role in health services. The main purpose of the teaching practice is to promote learning in the professional role in a realistic situation through the practice and integration of theoretical knowledge into professional practice in health services.

Department of Nursing

It is one of the oldest departments of University “Ismail Qemali” Vlore, opened in the frame of the Faculty of Nursing since the first steps of this University in 1994.

Increasingly, the demands for a modern nursing assistance are growing, in line with the developmental needs and community health. The spectrum of nursing competencies is  continuously expanding and the programs we offer aim at the formation of nursing specialists for today’s and for the future.

Our department provides opportunities not only for basic nursing, but also for further nursing careers through second level degrees for professional and scientific master studies, including studies in nursing education and management. The Diplomas offered by this department has been among the most demanding in the years and currently in this department are studying over 500 full-time students and 120 part-time students.

Department of Health Care

The mission of the Health Care Department is to form health professionals of all academic levels, capable to adapt on the labor market, both within and outside the country.

His goals are:

  1. To create, transmit, develop and protect knowledge through teaching, research and community services.
  2. To form high-skilled specialists in the field of healthcare, qualified and suitable for the labor market in Albania and other Western countries.
  3. Provide opportunities to benefit from lifelong learning.
  4. to have an impact on the community health through health promotion programs and activities.
  5. To help social development at regional and national level.
  6. Integrate teaching in Scientific Research.

Public Health Study Center

The mission of the Public Health Study Center is to evaluate and obtain funding from a grant of scientific research and creative activities involving scientific research funds, monitor and administer studies and projects in the field of Science and Research at the Faculty of Public Health.

Also, the Public Health Study Center aims at managing projects and studies in the field of Public Health as well as the transfer, modernization and renewal of their technologies. The Center will function as a coordinating structure for studies and projects within the Faculty of Public Health and scientific research groups of other core units, and collaborations with Public Health Directories and Similar Institutions in Albania and abroad based on bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements between the Faculty of Public Health and various institutions.

The Public Health Study Center on content and assessment of studies and projects is supported by expertise from the Standing Committees for defining the research policies proposed by the Center Leader and approved by the academic staff of the Center in accordance with the regulation of the operation of this center.

Department of Nursing

BSc in General Nursing

MP in Pathological Nursing

MP in Surgical Nurse

MSc in Nursing Science

Department of Health Care

BSc in Midwife

MP in Pediatric Nursing