The Faculty of Humanities was established on December 5, 2007, before the university elections were conducted on the basis of existing inter faculties of teaching and foreign language departments in order to meet standards in line with the requirements of the Higher Education Law about the structure of departments, other units and the level of qualification of the Pedagogues.

 Department of Albanian Language and Literature

The Department of Albanian Language and Literature offers two diplomas: Bachelor in Albanian Language and Literature (FLD – First Level Diploma), which prepares students in the theoretical and practical aspect in the field of Albanian Language, Literature and Communication. At the end of this course, students will have linguistic, literary, communicative and organizational skills and competences to design, implement and manage study projects.

Master’s Degree in the teaching of Albanian Language and Literature (SLD – Second Level Diploma), which aims at the theoretical and practical preparation of future teachers of Albanian Language and Literature.

The academic staff of the Department of Albanian Language and Literature is qualified (with scientific degrees such as doctors and professors) and with long experience in the field of teaching and research.

 Department of Law

 This department provides the opportunity to draw a positive product from its banks that is summed up in a concept: analytical approach. Basically, analytical approach means student training to analyze certain phenomena, events, concepts, laws or policies. In this way, the university is able to prepare students to adapt well and quickly to basic positions in the labor market.

At the same time, it creates good premises for the continuation of master studies  in related disciplines. The Department of Law, alongside the integrated degree, also offers three second cycle degrees, two Professional Master’s Degrees and one Master of Science Degree. Students who have completed law studies for a term of five years may apply for training as judges, prosecutors, lawyers, notaries, state lawyers, private or state bailiff, as well as local, central and state administration lawyers.

The mission of this department is that future jurists to be capable to occupy positions in jurisprudence bodies, judicial bodies, prosecutors, advocacy, state administration, institutions, various government bodies and private sector.

This department aims at:

  1. Knowledge, science, education of younger generations;
  2. The student’s ability to judge critically and analytically;
  3. Train the student to analyze certain phenomena, events, concepts, laws or policies.

The programs are designed in such a way as to help reform the justice system in general and the public administration bodies in a special way. The academic staff is highly qualified. The department aims to increase the quality of service and in particular the perfection of the teaching and research level.

 Department of Education

 The Department of Education offers four study programs for obtaining Bachelor’s degree in teaching in several disciplines: Elementary teaching level, pre-school teaching level, Specialized social pedagogy and History-Geography.

This department offers three study programs for the second cycle of studies: Professional Master in Education (1 year), Master of Science in Education (2 years) and Master of Science in Specialized Social Pedagogy (2 years).

By combining teaching with science research and community approaches, the Department of Education staff is dedicated to the formation of young professionals, teachers, managers, or scholars in the field of education who will be able to respond to different needs of students, in different learning contexts.

The Department of Education consists of qualified personnel with long experience in teaching and research.

Department of Foreign Languages

 The Department of Foreign Languages is one of the largest and most important departments at the Faculty of Humanities. This department offers two first cycle diplomas, FLD (First Level Diploma), in English and Italian language, as well as two Second Degree Diplomas, MFL (Master of First Level), in Teaching in English and Italian, as well as MSc in Translation and Interpreting.

First-cycle Diplomas aim to provide students with a human and linguistic education with the goal of being able to pursue more advanced study courses or take a lead in those areas where the ability to using foreign language efficiently is essential. Second cycle diplomas are designed to prepare future foreign language teachers for the High Cicle of the Base Education (HCBH).

In addition, the department offers courses of elementary and intermediate level in English, Italian, French, German, Greek and Latin for all UV students. The expansion  of these courses in UV programs is one of the latest academic innovations.

In the Department of Foreign Languages you will find experienced academic staff who are committed to the teaching process and are ready to serve the students’ needs.


Diploma offered by this faculty;

Department of Law

Bsc in Law

MP in Administrative Sciences

MP in Criminal Law

MSc in International Relations

 Department of Albanian Language and Literature

Bsc in Albanian Language and Literature

MSc in Learning of Albanian Language and Literature

 Department of Education

Bsc in History and Geography

Bsc in Preschool Teacher Education

Bsc in Teacher Education for Grades I – IV

Bsc in Specialized Pedagogy

MP in Primary Teacher Education with a minor in Pre-school Teacher Education

MSc in Education

MSc in Social Specialized Pedagogy

Department of Foreign Languages

Bsc in English

Bsc in Italian

MP in Secondary Teacher Education in English

MP in Secondary Teacher Education in Italian

MSc in Translation and Interpretation

Scientific Research Center of the Faculty of Human Sciences