Presentation and Announcement of the Fulbright and Humphrey Exchange Programs.

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A meeting took place between Representatives of the United States Embassy, “Ismail Qemali” University of Vlora, and Vlora and Fier institutions.


This meeting was held at the premises of “Ismail Qemali” University of Vlora, on 19.04.2018, with the representative Mrs. Megan McGill, Head of Public Affairs Office of the United States Embassy, Mrs. Edlira Late, Fulbright Alumni, Mrs. Mirela Çupi, Programs and Culture Assistant, of the United States of America Embassy and Mr. Enkelejd Mehilli, Rector of “Ismail Qemali” University in Vlora.

This meeting was held to inform and invite students, pedagogues, administrative staff and all staff of various institutions to be part of applications for Fulbright and Humphrey Exchange programs.

After Mrs. McGrill introduced the exchange program offered by the US state, continued the conversation with the participants to answer their questions and clarified what the benefits of such scholarships are.

She invited Mrs. Edlira Late and Ms. Mirela Çupi to talk about their experiences and benefits from this scholarship.


The purpose of scholarships offered by the United States is the academic and personal growth of Albanian citizens in all fields.

They also claimed that this is an opportunity based on the applicant’s personal formation.

An experience that helps in the planning of everyone’s life, which begins with the begining of procedures for applying at these programs.


At the Embassy of the United States of America you will find all the necessary information about the application, as well as highlighted by embassy representatives who are ready to provide you with information about any ambiguity in the application:


Thank You.